Give your children creative control … of your face!

This is a great game for everyone, if you’re feeling brave (and patient), and ready for a surprise – but it’s completely worth it. If you’ve ever tried to see through your child’s eyes I think this is the closest you can get to seeing them in the creative process. And they LOVE the responsibility, even at 3 years old they understand that you are giving them some serious freedom. So here’s the deal….

I bought myself a beginners (professional) face painting kit for Christmas – I’ll post the details of the kit below for those willing to give it a try. I spent about £55 and have been using these occasionally for 14 months – they look hardly used so it’s well worth the money.

Initially as a joke I let the biggest, most responsible mini-mule paint my face (he was 5 at the time). He chose ‘Wolverine’ for me (well who wouldn’t want to be Wolverine for an afternoon). But the surprise was how amazing it was to watch his creative process so intimately – choosing the right colours, carefully selecting which area to stencil out and choosing which brush to fill. And the concentration: tongue usually out, eyes on target, snappy instructions ‘close your eyes mummy!’ ‘move to this side!’. He was the boss, and boy did he do well! I was practically inviting Xavier round for tea by the time he’d finished.

Wolverine... Now I just need to selotape a few butter knives to my knuckles

Wolverine… Now I just need to selotape a few butter knives to my knuckles

I’ve not invited the smallest mule to get decorating just yet as he is barely 2; that may come in the next post if there’s enough call for it. But middle mule has also thrown her own talents into the fore. A more surreal creative, she prefers to stick to her favourite theme; generally ‘purple’, and her preferred method is usually ‘fill everything in’. But she did carry this out with rigour and thoroughness. The process was further sweetened by her allowing me to get her “Hello Kitty”d up in advance. There is nothing purer than watching your very own Hello Kitty delight in the success of their own unique talents.

facepaint cora

Less facepaint, more sunset camouflage

Having had a few practices, my big boy (now 6) is confident to approach more challenging subject matters; mountains are no hurdle, and Pokemon are easy peasy. The latest, Xerneas (one of my personal poke favourites) was done a bit too soon before we were to due to go out for a family meal. It seemed a shame to remove the artwork which was so freshly completely so I just baby-wiped away the rather unconventional nose block, and off we popped. Hello Party Face! One delicious dinner later and no-one batted an eyelid.

From Poke to Party!

From Poke to Party!

If you’re thinking of getting your starter kit together here’s what I got:

1 x Tag 1 Stroke Split Cake 

1 x TAG Flat brush size 12

12 x 10g Pallette of Diamond FX paint colours

1 x Pack of sponges

1 x TAG round brush number 2

1 x Loew-Cornell round brush No 6

Now get to work! You won’t regret it (well, you might, but it’s worth a try!) x

Any thoughts?

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