Being Brave Part 2 (Subtext ‘How not to be a Cocky B*stard)

Everyday bravery is underrated. Not the selfless acts of death-defying super-powered bravery (which are clearly amazing and miraculous) but the simple self-imposed challenges of life every day. These things are underrated: Caring for a newborn; simultaneously amazing and terrifying. Managing a toddler; requiring the patience of a saint and the strategy of a giant multinational corporation. Starting your own business or retraining for a new career; humbling and inspiring. And all of these things – ruddy hard work!

My Sunday ski buddy showing me how to be brave

My Sunday ski buddy shows me how to be brave

I’m testing out my bravery in skiing lessons, which are going well. Really well in fact, and really insightful, as I have revisited so many of those fears and exhilarations from having children: absolute fear of the unknown, wide eyed wonder at what it could be like, stress and elation in the learning, and overcoming a small issue of a fear of mountains (I didn’t have a fear of children before having them – but I did have a very strange period of ‘nausea induced by the presence of newborns’ in my second pregnancy…. that’s a true story!). It has been humbling to remember what it is to be clueless and completely new to something.

And it has been hilarious to hear the experts on the way. It has reminded me to try my very hardest, no matter how good I get, to not become a cocky b*stard. Whether it’s the 11 year old telling me ski lessons were no longer necessary, but she may take a stint on Mountain Rescue… Or the pro cross-country skier on being asked if the hill was any good higher up for sledding with the kids, who replied that “walking up a mountain is my idea of dying of boredom”…. And from my triathlon training days hearing the ‘Iron (Wo)Man’ loudly saying that supersprint triathlon’s “arent’ worth getting changed for”. Yes, thank you all for reminding me that what I’m doing is so dull in comparison to your prodigious achievements (snigger).

Step aside "style and finesse", "having a good laugh" is coming through!

Step aside “style and finesse”, “having a good laugh” is coming through!

And so in the spirit of non competitive parenting (nicely demonstrated recently by this video) in todays’ ski lesson I managed to retain all my composure and stay true to my unpretentious principles. When I crashed I didn’t yell at my assailant, or sneer at their inadequacies. No, that tree was most definitely given the benefit of the doubt, and I’m sure it feels better for it. 

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Fresh air and sunshine does well to banish all the world's woes

Brave faces love a bit of fresh air and sunshine

Any thoughts?

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