Body Conscious-sskerchew!

So true and typical, almost immediately after raving about how wonderful and amazing the human body is almost the entire family came down with a megavirus. A full school week of cancellations, coughs, colds, sneezes, wheezes and all round grievances. We are officially a big bunch of misery-guts.

And so much for our active lifestyle! The fresh air seems to trigger spontaneous coughing fits, and anything more than a stroll sets off waves of hot/cold shivers down our bodies.

Far from pushing my physical self to its extremes I’ve managed to pull a muscle in my back whilst washing my hair (what?!) and reading bedtime stories feels like a literary marathon. My weekly workout treat ‘spin-yoga’ (40min sweatfest followed by 45 min ashtanga-zen-body-tripping-harmonizer) has been well and truly trumped by a hot lemon and honey and 10minutes of feet-up-on-the-sofa. Bedtime has been moved to immediately after the kids are down, and a glass of wine at the end of the day is way too rock ‘n’ roll. I am truly out of sorts!

Unfortunately with three kids on the go there was little time to ‘hunker down’ and hide away from the world to recover, as inevitably at least one of them was well enough to need to be taken to school (or pre-school, dance class, the library and so on). I had to hold back the tears of envy when a fellow mum mentioned how she’d ‘had to stay in bed for 3 days’ when she had this virus (what I would give to go back to bed after drop off?!?). It’s not good form to sob uncontrollably in the playground, but I almost made an exception. And by the time Mr Babymule got home in the evening he was greeted by a zombie-like shadow that vaguely resembled his wife, and three partially hallucinating small people either plugged into the telly or looking bit aggrieved at their (reheated) dinner.

On the plus side, I’ve had a few sneaky snuggles where I may not have been allowed had the mini-mules been full of their usual beans. (Is it terrible to enjoy those poorly cuddles?) And I have learnt a whole stream of Barbie Princess Pop Star lyrics (this is actual terrible, and something I would like to erase from my mind for, ‘like’ forever…. Gaah!)

This blanket ain't big enough for the both of us... well actually it probably is

This blanket ain’t big enough for the both of us… well actually it probably is

There seems to be ‘a lot of this going about’ I’m told. All I can say is hang tight to the mast shipmates – the storm will soon blow over!!! Until sanity is restored… tuck up tight!

Mrs Babymule’s super duper changing bags can be seen here and bought from Hippychick direct. For sales outside of Europe contact

Any thoughts?

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