Being Brave

Sliding down a slushy 3 degree gradient wearing a plastic bag wasn't quite the daring glamour I was looking for... but it'll do for now!

Sliding down a slushy 3 degree gradient wearing a plastic bag wasn’t quite the daring glamour I was looking for… but it’ll do for now!

I heard myself encouraging my biggest mini mule (now 6) to ride his bike down a steep curve on the skate park recently. I was doing my best to reassure him that he would be fine, he could do it, he was doing really well. He ultimately backed off from the precipice and chose to leave the challenge for another day. It struck me that I am encouraging my children to take on absolutely new and challenging environments every day – imagine trying something new, unusual, and difficult every single day…… umm, like living with a newborn or toddler? Hang on a minute! This blog has been hijacked by the terror of small children. No, not that kind of challenging. I mean the ‘I don’t have to to do this, and it’s making me really knee-quakingly scared, but I think if I can do it it might be really great fun’. (ok maybe it is the same kind of challenging).

Yes! I’m looking for an exhilarating, petrifying, adrenalin-seeking, rewarding-but-potentially-socially-embarrassing-or-injury-inducing challenge. Who wouldn’t want the thrill of the new, a flashback to teenage excitement of daring and skill with a little bit of patience and luck thrown in there?! Let’s all get some where we can!

Fortunately this is great timing as in addition to relocating to the mountains of BC, Canada (exciting in itself), I am booked in to simultaneously learn to ski (at 40yrs old) and overcome a longstanding fear of steep hills. Yep, I have fully charged my adrenalin and wait to see if ‘fight’ or ‘flight’ prefer to come along for the ride.

Watch this space…

cora ski

A 4 year old’s thoughts on being brave: “If I’m scared I panic, then I crash into something. Then it’s ok and I try again”.

Any thoughts?

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