New Year, New Blog

Happy New Year! Apologies for the blogapathy, I have been deep in the cosy hibernating recesses of team Babymule’s winter think tank (no it’s not the hot tub). But finally I’ve emerged all pink and rosy and beaming with fresh happy thoughts (ok maybe it is the hot tub), and ready for the forthcoming year.

2014 was great; full of aspiration, forged with steady focus and determination, and a great big plan which ultimately came to fruition. It was ambitious, it was exciting (ooh the glamour), and it was delivered with an exhaustive administrative effort (slightly less glamorous) and some hefty financial outputs (glamour is sent out to seek its fortune elsewhere) and *poof* here we are living in glorious rural British Columbia. A new playground for everyone, and a chance to step back and think about how we choose to live each day.

Now let’s just put our cards on the table, I’m not going to start telling you how to channel karma through your buttocks, or live solely on a diet of kale and positive thinking (that may work when combined with wine & chocolate but I’ll save that idea for another time). However this may become my best attempt at sharing the core philosophies of Babymule in regular snippets of life with the Babymule gang. And it’s not about moving house or country or even travel itself, it’s about taking a moment, or just noticing the moment, or making the moment happen, whatever that may be.

Here’s to a New Year, let’s make it a good one x

Start of a new day - where will it take us?

Start of a new day – where will it take us? (somewhere fast by the looks of things!)

Any thoughts?

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